Choosing the Best Notebook For Development and Design

Choosing the Best Notebook For Development and Design

Anyone who works in a design field understands the need for a notebook that helps them to achieve their development and design goals, and fuel their creative drive. Every carpenter would want the best power tools available. Every blacksmith desires an excellent pair of anvils and hammers, and each artisan leather crafter demands a sharp pair of awls and the highest quality materials.

Since most of us have different requirements, it is essential to look around and create a careful and considered choice when picking a notebook or desktop. The incorrect notebook may interfere with your web development and design efforts, therefore it is important to select the proper one to meet your requirements. If you design websites, you need a wide screen with clear graphics. If you are coding-based and use content management systems such as Craft, you will need some grunt in your notebook. If you are always travelling, you are going to want to check at ultra-portable notebooks or mobile computers which prioritise battery life and light in weight.

This guide will provide tips and advice that will help you opt for the right notebook for internet design and internet development.

  1. Selecting an Operating System

The first thing to do before looking at any version is to choose what operating system you want to utilise in your brand new notebook computer.

The three most widely used operating systems for web design and internet advancement are Chrome OS, Windows, and Mac OS X. Every one of these can be found on a vast array of mobile computers with varying specifications, and each has their distinct advantages and disadvantages.


Mac OS X

Apple’s Mac OS X is a strong operating system. Trendy, minimal aesthetics, seamless interface, OS X is rapidly becoming the operating system of choice for web designers and web developers with deep pockets.

OS X is great for web development, with the built-in app Terminal providing simple access to tools such as git, virtualisation software and more. Unfortunately, Mac OS X is currently exclusive to Apple units, which is significantly costly in comparison to competitors. It is hugely popular with photographers and artists who require a system to perform design work. If you were working for a commercial property management company, you would need to design a website that is navigable, and highlights the imagery of the properties.



Microsoft Windows is the most popular working system today. According to recent data, approximately 90 percent of computers worldwide run Windows operating system. It’s a fantastic, dependable, sturdy operating system. Windows 10 takes on the criticism earlier versions received, and rectifies these issues.

The Windows website design and development area is exceptional, with lots of tools and programs available for Windows which are not available on other operating systems. Windows can be available on various notebooks at different price points, which makes it the most flexible of these four operating systems listed above, as it is substantially cheaper than Apple.


  1. Setting a Budget

Before beginning your notebook search, it is crucial that you set a budget to function with. Web designers and web developers are somewhat lucky. Unlike images programmers or computer programmers, web design does not tax computer hardware considerably. A fast CPU and a good amount of RAM is all that is required for many web development functions. Expensive graphics cards and ultra-performance CPUs are not compulsory unless you plan to utilise  .

If you are looking to maintain your notebook for a couple of years, it may be worth splashing out on a more expensive version to future-proof your investment. If you are on a strict budget, then you should either wait a bit longer, or purchase what is within financial reason.


  1. Selecting Proper Specifications

Before beginning your search for a notebook, create a list of the tasks you will be performing on it. This listing will help direct you when comparing different versions with various specs.

If you will be diving into Adobe Photoshop on a regular basis, it is important to opt for a notebook with a fast CPU capable to rapidly render effects and execute computations. Adobe After Effects is progam in the suite that requires strong RAM and high-grade graphics card. If you’re going to be moving around a lot, then it is going to be important to pick out a notebook that’s light and has good battery life. Laptops using Intel’s ULT Haswell structure are usually a fantastic match for people who are always on the move. They last around ten hours on a single charge, they are mild, and they are in a position to provide electricity when required by employing a ‘turbo boost’ mode capable of delivering up to 100% additional CPU power on demand.

If you’ll be spending most of your time together with your notebook at a desk, then you may be better off using a desktop replacement notebook. These mobile computers normally have big 15.4″/17″ displays and they are normally fitted with strong hardware inside. Generally, they are rather heavy, and they generally have bad battery life.

4. Factors to Check Out For Budget

Asus, Samsung, and Acer are the principal players in this current market, with many different notebook models available to purchase at very affordable rates. Be certain that you try them before purchasing one, and read multiple reviews.



The mid-sized market is mainly dominated by Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, and HP. They provide exceptional units that are ideal for any website design endeavour. Additionally, they’re offered at price points that are flexible.



Sony, Samsung, Apple, and Lenovo rule the premium market for notebooks, each with their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Of those brands, Samsung, Sony, and Lenovo are arguably the very best, together with Lenovo’s legendary Thinkpad array being especially excellent value for the money.

People argue that you can have a notebook built that rivals and exceeds that of Apple, and that with Apple you are paying for the brand. Some deals can be found in Apple’s refurb shop, though, with reductions as large as 20%.


Summing Up

Purchasing a new notebook can be a daunting process, but it can also be incredibly exciting. Be certain that you take your time when selecting brand new notebook. The ideal notebook can be worth its weight in gold, so be certain that you make the ideal option. Shop around, try out a number of versions from various manufacturers, and continue looking until you find the right solution. This laptop will be storing precious data, so make sure you select a reliable choice.

And keep in mind, the incorrect notebook is not ever a fantastic bargain, regardless of its cost. Do not jump at the first deal that grabs your attention. Make a cautious, well-informed choice.